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Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain NOW Available on Demand!!

Check it out, you can goto: and watch the full program Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain for only $7!! No more waiting for DVDs to arrive!  Watch the program now!  

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Update for Rotaries, Part II

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but hopefully worth your wait for all you railfans looking for a part II to the Rotaries! Although Part I has aired all over the nation on PBS, Part II will be only sold on DVD and Blue-ray. The program will have some produced content, but LOTS of […]

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Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain Promo complete! Watch now!

BA productions has just finished the 30 second commercial spot for our soon to be released Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain.” Check it out here:

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SPMW 207, SPMW 8207 finally home! (Dec 6th update)

The Rotary SPMW207 and it’s F7 B-Unit arrived home last week on a flat car. It actually came out over Donner Pass, the very location the Rotaries were designed for back in the 1880’s. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a shot of it because it’s timing was at 2am crossing Donner Pass. So, the […]

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Rotary Plow #207 Update

Rotary plow #207 and it’s F7-B Unit has been rebuilt and ready to be shipped back to Roseville any day now. In Roseville, the front plow blade will be installed along with the steam pipe. We don’t know yet if the consist will run over Donner Pass for the trip back, or Feather River Canyon.

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Rotary Plow #207 Update: December 25, 2012

December 24th, 2012 update: On March 2nd, 2012 Rotary Plow #207 was loaded onto flat car KRL-152 to be shipped to Relco Locomotives in Albia IA for a major overhaul. Both the Rotary and F7 B-Unit departed from the Roseville Rail Yard on March 18th. In Recent weeks, it was learned that no progress in […]

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Big Steam 844

“The best video ever made on the 844” – the late Norm Nystrom

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Rotary Snow Plow SPMW #207 & 8207 rebuild 4/2012

Winter of 2011 set records for snow depths in the Sierra dating as far back as 1982. After the storm of 2011, it was determined that Rotaries weren’t going away. Shortly after the storm, Union Pacific’s Roseville Locomotive Facility embarked on a monumental task of rebuilding one Rotary set from the frame-up, bringing the historic […]

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Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain

“Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain” DVD and Blu-ray is now available for purchase. We have compiled lots of new information, stories and photos and added it into the program.

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The Spreader Snow Plow Part I

12 hours a day, 6+ days a week for 3 months, Union Pacific and a team of highly skilled contractors made history by rebuilding two Jordan Spreaders, the SPMW 4031 and 4032.

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