Big Steam 844

“The best video ever made on the 844” – the late Norm Nystrom

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Big Steam 844 –

It’s a Fire Breathing…….Thrill Seeking……..Adrenalin pumping ………….Crowd pleasing………….unconquerable Behemoth!

It’s Big Steam 844!! And she’s steamin’ her way over the Sierra Nevada to Sacramento California on Thursday September 27th for a seven day visit for Union Pacific’s 150th Anniversary!

You can see all the action from her last visit to California back in 2009 here on this very special DVD or Blue-ray documentary favorite!

“The best video ever made on the 844” the late Norm Nystrom

Big Steam 844…..

It greets you with a blast from the past…….

The 844, a Northern Class steam locomotive, made special stops in eight cities across Utah, Nevada and California for the public to see and even feel this giant steam locomotive in 2009. The trip to California included the Centennial celebrations of the City of Roseville and the Western Pacific Railroad.

Crisscrossed by lakes, streams and rivers, the Sierras served as a scenic backdrop for Old number 844, a living breathing creature that carefully navigates the regions creeks and canyons on a ribbon of iron rail. On its journey, thousands of spectators gathered to watch it glide by…

BA Productions, along with 3 additional camera crews, was there to capture the amazing trip over Donner in HD, then through the Feather River Canyon while on board with the crew of 844 and now retired Steve Lee.

Interviews with engineer Steve Lee, Fireman Rick Braunschweig, Machinist Ed Smith and many more tell the amazing story about what it takes to run this premier steam locomotive on a class 1 railroad!

If you want to experience a steam breathing beast in action, incredible in-your-face railroading explosive entertainment with breathtaking canyons and rivers used as a backdrop for ole’ Number 844 BA Productions style, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS PROGRAM! It’s the REAL DEAL you deserve!

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  1. Steve Thomas December 18, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    Great videos. I have the video of flangers, spreaders and rotaries over Donner Pass shot before the Southern Pacific was bought by the UP. The “Bear” was in the video. Donner Pass is certainly a snow magnet. I’ll certainly enjoy the videos I just bought.

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